The new tunes on AnDro Live
Canoeing the Rogue
I live near the Rogue River near Rockford, Michigan. This was written after one of the more memorable times that I’ve taken my canoe down that pretty little river to the Rockford Dam. About a year ago, Rockford Brewery opened up right across the street from there. Seems I paddle faster these days…

The Drunken Usher
Self explanatory. From a time long ago when I was young and foolish.

The Cutting Room Floor
This is a tune written several years ago that the band rejected before I had a chance to name it. I just called it this and filed it away.

L’homme Arme (“The Armed Man” 14th century French)
We added this tune to the beginning of the Tourdion /Andro set because it was equally quirky and seems to fit there.

One Comma
Onekama is a beautiful town on Portage Lake, North of Manistee. Our friends up there call it “1,” We’ve had the pleasure to perform there several times over the last couple of years.

The Devil’s in them Peaches
This tune relates to a story told to us by Wayne, the stage manager for Kalamazoo Irish Festival about a friend of his who ate the peaches at the bottom of a jar of moonshine. Ya. Probably shouldnta done that.

Joddy’s Groovy Shirt
Joddy has many groovy shirts, but this one in particular is the grooviest. Appropriately enough, we recorded this set in his studio behind his house on Beaver Island. Groovy.

Inspired by my Uncle Dan. He was a loyal supporter of the few people he liked, and a worthy opponent to those he didn’t.

Danny Boy
Although this is actually a very old Irish melody, I’ve always been reticent to perform it because of the way it has become so commercialized and downright sappy. One St. Patrick’s Day an old woman hobbled up to the stage, pressed two dollars into my hand, and asked that I play Danny Boy on the whistle for her son Danny, who was in the military, fighting overseas. I told her that I was sorry, but we didn’t play that song. Disappointed, she snatched the two dollars back and made her way back to her seat. The next day I told the band that from then on, I would take one for the team and play it whenever requested. They could join in if they liked, or use the time to go get a beer. They join in.
So this is for all of the old ladies. And Soldier Dannys. And Dan Verhil. (But we’re still not playing the damn Unicorn Song)



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