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We just got our new recording “AnDro Live 2013” today. It’s a collection of performances from several locations and studios. Some studio recordings , but we performed them in the studio in a “live” configuration, all in one room , to try to maintain the live energy and feel.
In addition to live performances of music from all three of our recordings, the disc has some newer stuff that we have not recorded until now.
Although somewhat “simpler” than a studio recording, There are unique challenges to compiling, critiquing, gleaning material that is suitable. (Not to mention humbling).
We who perform music ( you know who you are) are constantly reminded that the actual performance is a smallest part of the equation. It’s in the logistics: The booking,the venues, the stage setup and sound, the promoting, instrument building/maintenance, the artwork, the mixing/mastering and physical production of the disc, and most of all, the people who come to listen and support us.
We’d like to thank all of you , especially the sound guys/engineers who took the time to record and make the music available to us, and in particular Peter Fox, who knitted the whole Frankenstein thing together.


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  • 01/08/14 at 5:29am EST
    Ohio Dan says:

    Where/how to get "live" cd ?

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