It's All Folk
It’s always difficult to describe what style of music AnDro plays. You can easily tell that all of us within the band are deeply rooted in an appreciation for traditional Celtic music and it’s cousins, French Canadian, Bluegrass, etc. and although we can and often do bust into some straight-up traditional Irish jigs or reels,(we never stray far from those musical roots) we don’t necessarily feel bound to be musically monogamous. because we are so disparate as individuals we are free to explore and incorporate whatever influences and genres we feel, including our own.

We have long thought of our music as traditional music that just isn’t old enough yet. People seem to want to distinguish between “traditional” and “original” music when they are one and the same. No matter if it’s a month old or 500 years old, Every single tune, whether traditional or folk or rock or singer-songwriter, has had a point where someone walked into the pub and said “ hey, you guys- check out this new tune that I wrote.”
All of us simply write about our families and friends and places and situations that we’ve been in. That’s what folk music is.

If we could see 200 years into the future , and if any of us were fortunate enough to have our music reach the honored status of being labeled “ Traditional- Anonymous” ( No doubt, we would all be surprised at which tunes they would turn out to be) It would be the highest honor that we could hope for as "folk" musicians.


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