"Storyteller" is our 3rd CD as AnDro, our second recording with our current lineup (Jim, Fred, Carolyn, Michele). As we journey through life with each other, many stories have come about. There is a story behind each tune on this album; some stories we can share openly, some best privately over a pint. We hope that you will enjoy listening to our stories as much as we have enjoyed telling them.

The title came about from Jim's "storyteller chair" a rustic, whimsical chair that's pictured inside of the disc jacket. If you have been to one of Jim's "Bard Shows" (wire-strung celtic harp and ancient Irish poetry) you have probably seen it. And if you have been to his house you have probably been compelled to sit in it and tell a tale or poem or sing a song. He thinks that the more stories told in it, the stronger the magic. Jim's kinda funny that way...


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