AnDro and friends, The Music of James Spalink 2
AnDro and friends
The music of James Spalink

AnDro and friends,The music of James Spalink is finally finished!

We have been working on this ambitious project for over a year.
It is possible to be both proud and humbled at the same time. I am that.
I write most of the original music for the Celtish band “AnDro”, but this is a collection of the larger, more orchestral works that I have done over the past several years that did not fit into our folk genre. Until now.

I am grateful to the members of the band AnDro for the encouragement and support they have given me, but most of the credit for this Magnum Opus goes clearly to my bandmate, Carolyn Koebel. Those who know the indefatigable Carolyn know of her insatiable desire to create music through collaboration. When she sets her sights on something it gets done. Lucky for me, she turned her attention to this, my “other” work, and employed the help of her vast network of musician friends and resources to bring it into fruition.

Beyond that, I am humbled by the immense amount of talented people that have combined their skills in this project. From the excellent musicianship to the mysterious (to me) musical alchemy skills of the sound technicians.

Those of us who have been in this music “business” for years have come to realize what a small part the composing and performing actually plays in the production of the music as a whole, and what a thrill it is to watch it become a thing unto itself.

So, Carolyn, Michele, and especially myself, are happy to send this out into the world.
Hope you like it.

Jim Spalink


  • 11/26/15 at 9:51am EST
    Cynthia Zuccaro says:

    Is this CD available to purchase?

  • 09/12/16 at 10:53am EST
    Janet S. Thomas says:

    Looking for CD with James song about the Sparrow - performed at Book Nook & Java Shop in Montague last Friday evening - What CD is that on??? and Where can I purchase it... (will you have it at the festival next week-end?)


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