Cantus Lyra
Cantus Lyra Cantus, ( lat.: Poem, chant, song) Lyra , (gr: Lyre, harp)

This recording is quite different from our previous works. Exploring the quieter, gentler side of AnDro, It’s a more ambient, contemplative mood, featuring the Celtic harp.
It began with three experiments in improvisation that we did some months ago. We set up mics in the studio, hit record, and with no rehearsal or discussion, began a simple chord progression on harp or guitar . Then we all just responded to eachother, a sort of musical “trust fall”.
If not for the vision of our percussionist, Carolyn Koebel, who preserved the improv recordings and gently prodded (Ok, badgered) us into shaping these improv recordings into a bona fide disc, they would have surely been doomed to languish in the depths of the studio computer until eventually deleted to make room for other projects. We are grateful to her.


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