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I am a big fan of Aaron Copeland. His “Fanfare for the Common Man” was the inspiration for me to write a piece for horns.

Big Sable Light
For several years, AnDro performed at Big Sable Lighthouse on Lake Michigan at Ludington as part of the music series there. It's in the picture on the front of this disc. As part of the stipend, each member of the band was allowed to book a night...
AnDro and friends, The Music of James Spalink 2
AnDro and friends
The music of James Spalink

AnDro and friends,The music of James Spalink is finally finished!

We have been working on this ambitious project for over a year.
It is possible to be both proud and humbled at the same time. I am that.
I write most of the original music for the Celtish band “AnDro”, but this is a collection of the larger, more orchestral works that I have do...
Michigan Global Roots Music Festival!! Feb 27, 28, March 1, 2015 1
Last year's inaugural Global Roots festival was so well-received that we are hoping to make it an annual occurrence, bridging the gap between winter and spring, and bringing our region a wealth of family-friendly, affordable, multi-cultural music & dance programming.

Core organizers Carolyn Koebel (An Dro/Dunuya Drum & Dance); Josh Dunigan (Cabildo/Villalobos) and Ty and Igor from Wisaal are c...
Cantus Lyra
Cantus Lyra Cantus, ( lat.: Poem, chant, song) Lyra , (gr: Lyre, harp)

This recording is quite different from our previous works. Exploring the quieter, gentler side of AnDro, It’s a more ambient, contemplative mood, featuring the Celtic harp.
It began with three experiments in improvisation that we did some months ago. We set up mics in the studio, hit record, and with no rehearsal...